There are so many organizations out there to help you, but it's hard to throw yourself into research when your baby was born preterm or is in the NICU.

I've put all of these helpful resources in one place.

Additional Needs

You've received a diagnosis for your child or someone you love has a disability. There are a lot of amazing resources that do research, raise funds, spread awareness, and assist individuals in countless ways.

Be an ally and supporter.

Support the Cause

You may be wondering how you can help, but you want to make sure your support/monetary contribution is being used for good.

Here are some trusted organizations (changed periodically) to which you can contribute.

Resource Documents

If there's something I love doing, it's creating resources and handouts to work on skills, bring an idea to life, or declutter my mind.

Each time I create something helpful, I will upload here for you to utilize in your everyday.

If you have any resources you would like to add, please contact me through the Contact Form,

or via email at