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  • Kristina Mulligan

Worthy Then, Worthy Now

You are as worthy now as you were then, back when you had the promise of “normal.”

You were worthy in shades of black and white. You are worthy in technicolor.

You were worthy as the glimmer in my eye, and even more so as the person you are.

You were worthy when your hand wasn’t big enough to wrap around my finger. You will be worthy when your hand stretches larger than mine.

You were worthy during conversations of how you may someday never do this or that. You’re worthy now, as you work hard to achieve more than just milestones.

You’re worthy on the days where you need my lap and arms. You’re worthy on the days you want to try “all by yourself.”

You’re just as worthy amidst unspoken words as you are when you’re talking about the things you love.

You’re worthy when you fit in, but also when you have to adapt to the world around you.

You’re worthy during tears. You’re worthy during smiles.

You’re worthy behind closed doors, but even more through the stares of others. I see your worth and scream it out loud.

Abilities do not place value on a human being. Disabilities do not make a person less valuable. They don’t make someone less capable. They do not make someone less important.

And if you feel like trying to tell me any different, I will tell you all of the ways that Flynn will change the world.

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