• Kristina Mulligan

World Kindness Day

The days that have passed since having a preemie, but specifically those early NICU days, have been some of the most difficult, loneliest days of my life. The thing about life is that, even when you feel like your world has stopped, time still passes and everyone else’s keeps turning. It’s not long until you feel lost and forgotten about inside those stark, white hospital walls.

Visitors were a rarity because no one knew how to act around us. There wasn’t a celebration because the outlook was bleak, and no one knew what to say because there was not much to be positive about. Before I knew it, because I was in survival mode and was deep in the trenches, almost three years had gone by and our former lives had become rubble.

I’ve often been told that because so much time has passed, Flynn is no longer a preemie, but that’s simply not true. We still deal with repercussions of his prematurity every single day.

So, today, on World Kindness Day, I want to share with you our story and tell you to show your new preemie parent friends love. Bring them a warm meal because odds are, they haven’t eaten anything besides fast food (or anything at all) in awhile. Send them a text, a note, or a voicemail just to tell them how much you care - even if they don’t respond right away, know that it’s appreciated more than you know. Buy them a gift card for gas, hospital parking, or coffee, they’ll be spending a lot of money on these things. Give them the biggest hug and let them know that it’s okay for them to cry, that you’re there for them always. And as for your not-so-new preemie parent friends? We could use that hug, too.

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