• Kristina Mulligan

My Self-Care Routine

I’ve had some people ask me about what I do for self-care...

Honestly, I have some pretty great advice for self-care. I set goals for myself and even have blogged about them to force myself to stick to it. Even more honestly, I suck at taking care of myself.

I’ve gotten to be pretty great at multi-tasking. Working from home, keeping up a household, taking care of a toddler, and organizing all of the required appointments simultaneously is not easy and is absolutely twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three-hundred and sixty-five days a year. There isn’t really a break, leaving very little time for self-care. I try to eat well (when I eat), use clean products, and keep our house as “green” as possible, but I couldn’t tell you what I do “just for me.”

My days taken off from work, that aren’t for some type of appointment, are usually because I’ve run myself into the ground. It’s not healthy, but I’m a work in progress.

I think this stems from our days in the NICU - even though I’ve always been what most would call an “overachiever.” It was hard to feel like a mother when my baby was in a box fighting for his life and there was nothing I could do. Sometimes, I wasn’t even supposed to touch him, so my only option was simply to watch other people do my “job.” I promised myself that if we both made it out of this, I would do everything in my power to give him the best life for the rest of my days. And so I do. And I have a hard time asking for help. I guess you could say that I’m making up for lost time.

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