• Kristina Mulligan

Million Dollar Babies

Did you know that preemies are sometimes called Million Dollar Babies?

The average cost of NICU care in the United States exceeds $3,000 per day. This doesn’t include the cost of specialists that come to care for your child, special tests that are run throughout the course of the stay, or any surgeries/procedures needed. According to the March of Dimes, the average NICU stay is 13.2 days so when all is said and done, NICU bills can be pretty expensive!

With a lengthier or more complicated NICU stay, by the time a baby is discharged, the total of all medical bills is potentially millions of dollars. This doesn’t include the cost of the dozens of doctors and specialists visits on the calendar at any given time post-discharge, any medications or supplements prescribed, or any medical equipment. Sometimes, too, work circumstances must change so that your child can have the necessary, round-the-clock care that they need. Oh, and kids in general are just expensive!

Preemie parents scrounge, pinch pennies, get creative, and do whatever we can to stay afloat. This may mean that we must decline invitations to activities which involve spending money, even if it’s just the cost of gas. It’s tough, but we try our very best for our million dollar babies.

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